AD Series

The AD Series are a range of small diaphragm motor pumps with maximum flow rates of 123 L/H and pressures of 14 bar. Choose from PP, PVC or AISI 316L pump heads with ceramic ball valves for accuracy and chemical compatibility.

Product Info

  • Long life reliable Motor Driven Diaphragm pump
  • Flow rates up to 123 L/H
  • Operating pressures up to 14 Bar
  • Up to 120 Strokes per minute
  • Single or three phase motors
  • Available without motor
  • Available with 4-20 mA Control
  • Available with self-ventilated motors suitable for inverter control
  • Available with ATEX rated motor


CodeFlow Rate (L/H)Pressure (Bar)Strokes per MinuteMotor Power (Kw)Valve Size
AISI Pump HeadPP Pump Head
50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
AD0010**0010010121414141460720.181/2″ GM
AD0016**0010016191414141460720.181/2″ GM
AD0021**001002125141214121201440.181/2″ GM
AD0027**001002732141214121201440.181/2″ GM
AD0033**001003340141214121201440.181/2″ GM
AD0019**0010019231010101060720.181/2″ GM
AD0030**0010030361010101060720.181/2″ GM
AD0039**001003947101010101201440.181/2″ GM
AD0051**001005161101010101201440.181/2″ GM
AD0060**001006072101010101201440.181/2″ GM
AD0041**00100414976.576.560720.181/2″ GM
AD0061**00100617376.576.560720.181/2″ GM
AD0084**001008410165651201440.181/2″ GM
AD0104**0010010412565651201440.181/2″ GM
AD0123**0010012314865651201440.181/2″ GM